Christoph Harwood

Christoph Harwood founded Marksman Consulting, an environmental finance consultancy, in 2009. The aim of the business is to help find the right financial solutions for environmental programmes. Sometimes Marksman works with those who are trying to solve environmental problems, at other times with those who have suitable financial solutions. 

Christoph built on the experience he gained whilst at UBS, McKinsey and other ventures to provide the strategic and operational advice to clients in the finance and low carbon sectors, covering renewable energy, energy efficiency, deforestation risk and other issues. 

Clients are in both the public and private sector. In the public sector, Marksman Consulting has supported a number of local authorities, including Birmingham, Newcastle, London, Leeds City Region, Greater Manchester and West Sussex with their low carbon strategies, and whilst doing this has developed an understanding on the role of local authorities in the financing of the local low carbon sector, with a strong focus on energy efficiency financing.

With private sector clients, Marksman Consulting has supported clients developing low carbon and renewable energy programmes and worked on investment strategies for funds and banks in this space.